For The Love Of The Bean.

We are Custom Cold Brew, where the passion that we have for brewing cold brewed coffee can be experienced in every taste. Our painstaking detail to every process sets us apart from anything that you may have previously experienced. Taste our passion in every bottle.

We source out only the highest quality of Arabica beans to use with our coffee. Our love for the bean means that not only will your coffee come from some of the best farms in the world, but you will also be able to drink from your favorite region. Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, and other specialty regions. You will get to taste coffee like never before.

We Brew in Ultra Small Micro Batches, one bottle at a time. We are truly Custom, Here at Custom Cold Brew. We believe that when you make anything in bulk, the passion is lost and the product suffers. Custom Cold Brew wants you to experience what real coffee should taste like, coffee that is made for you when you order it, bottle by bottle. You will never see us make batches of more than one bottle. We want to ensure that each bottle tastes just as good as the last. These Ultra Small Micro Batches ensure that.

We brew and package in glass! Why would you use anything else? Glass does not impart flavor like plastic or some metals do. When you go out of you way for the best cup of Cold Brewed Coffee, not using glass is just wrong.

Did we mention we use a proprietary filtering process for our Cold Brew? Yep, we do. Custom Cold Brew found that this is the best way to ensure all the oils and flavor profiles stay with the end product. Our proprietary brewing process leaves the natural oils of the coffee. Not only will you see that in your cup, but you will taste it. You might also notice some sediment at the bottom of the bottle or your cup. That is normal, and expected. It is just some fine unfiltered coffee sediment, a product of our brewing style.

We use our proprietary Custom Cold Brew brewing process, to make the best hot or iced cup of coffee that you will experience. Our Custom Cold Brewing process uses Cold (Triple Ultra Filtered) Water and Time to extract just the parts of the coffee that you want, not the bitterness or acidity that you don’t. It leaves you with an ultra smooth drink.

When water consists of over 98% of the final product, you want to make sure that it is of the utmost quality. We subject our water to a 3-step water filtration process to ensure the end result is a superb cup of coffee. No one else goes to the length that Custom Cold Brew goes through to ensure a flawless water quality. It takes a little more time, and costs a little more, but the end product is worth it.

We go out of our way at Custom Cold Brew to provide what we consider to be the best cup of coffee that you can have.